• Champions League of Yukigassen 2020
  • Saturday 22 Feb 2020
  • 09:00 AM
  • Aparan, Proshyan 12, Armenia, Aparan

CL2020 will be the biggest winter event of the year hosting 20 international yukigassen teams from 8 countries! 

About the event:

Would you like to go through winter adventures and find out a fresh and crazy sport for yourself?


So join us and attend Champions League of Yukigassen!


* Dates: 22-23th February, 2020

* Place: Aparan - Armenia


We are going to have an extraordinary and a really-really big event hosting 20 teams from 8 countries, uncompromising struggle with the strongest international teams, unforgettable memories and extrapositive emotions. Can you imagine? Then become a part of the best sport event of the year!


If you have a team then we are waiting for you, if not then hurry up to form one with your friends and think up a name for it! Yukigassen is a team sport so playing it alone is not possible.

Let’s talk about the game rules a bit.


Each team consists of 7 players and 1 coach.


Wins the very team which:


* Takes away the opponent’s flag

* Beats off the opponent team

* Remains with the most players in the court at the end of the game.


Note: The accommodation and travel costs of the international teams will be fully covered by YFA except for the round-trip tickets’ costs.

Feeling attracted? Sooo don’t hesitate to fill in the application form with your team and discover one of the most outstanding sports ever!

Click on:  https://forms.gle/z3X2YpSQCFRo7VU9A


Invite your friends as well, let’s enjoy the real winter together!

If you have any questions, simply message us on Facebook or via info@yukigassen.am


Will meet you very soon! Stay tuned...


Champions League of Yukigassen is being organized by Yukigassen Federation of Armenia in cooperation with Yukigassen Federations of Russia.


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