• Sheep Shearing Festival 2020
  • Saturday 06 Jun 2020
  • 12:00 PM
  • Syunik Animal Market, Khot, Armenia, Syunik

Do you ever wonder where wool comes from? At the annual Sheep Shearing Festival in Syunik’s Khot village, visitors can experience the thousands of years old tradition of shearing sheep to produce wool yarns. Traditionally these yarns were then used to weave carpets and other textiles for practical use. Watch locals participate in shearing competitions, buy wool and other locally-made products, enjoy music and dance, and try homemade food and drinks unique to the region.

The highlight of the festival, however, was the sheep shearing contest. Representatives of various villages competed to see who was best. Criteria for the best sheep shearer was not only time, but the wool had to be completely removed from the sheep, and the sheep must not be injured with cuts or nicks. Attendees from various villages loudly cheered for the shearer from their village. During the hot summer months, sheep will naturally shed their wool if not removed by their keepers.

This Year the festival will include:

  1. Guest sheep shearer invited from different countries
  2. Exhibition and Fair with produce from local manufacturers, where besides selling dishes, drinks and souvenirs, will also be served tasting.
  3. Live music, DJ set, tournaments, contests and interactive games for children.
  4. All guests will also have access to food court, coffee corner and kids playground.

Detailed information on participating communities and entertainment program to be published additionally.

Stay tuned!

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