• Tea and Coffee Festival 2021
  • Friday 24 Sep 2021
  • 10:00 AM
  • Swan Lake, Armenia, Yerevan

The companies PromExpo and Azd Production represent:
On September 24 & 25, the annual Festival of Tea and Coffee will be held at the Swan Lake in Yerevan.

The festival will be a great holiday for all lovers of these fragrant tonic drinks. Everyone is invited to spend a pleasant time in the autumn weekend, with friends, with children, with family, from the heart to drink seagull-coffee, with dessert, for which the tasting will be organized, to buy the liked varieties at wholesale prices. This is a great opportunity to send a magical journey to the World of Tea and Coffee to participate in competitions, listen to live music.
The main event of the festival will be an exhibition-fair of tea, coffee and related products. Various types of tea and coffee will be presented here; a variety of local herbal teas.

The organizers also prepared a big show program on the main stage with participation of folklore and pop groups, DJ.

The organizers of the Festival will be happy to see representatives of public organizations promoting a healthy lifestyle, organic products, traditions of hospitality and coffee-tea, when the whole family gathered at one table, the feuding were reconciled, and estates merged.
Within 2 days you can get acquainted with the best products of coffee and tea producers, bakery and confectionery products not only from Armenia, but also abroad, and also to purchase it. You will have the opportunity to enjoy fragrant tea, invigorating coffee and other goodies. You can take part in free educational and entertainment programs, which will be organized at the Fair.

Representatives of the following categories of goods and services can take part in the exhibition:

1. World brands of coffee and tea and cocoa
2. Local producers of tea and coffee (including herbal teas)
3. Cafes and Restaurants
4. Manufacturers of sweets and desserts
5. Barista and Barmen from any country
6. Producers of profile equipment
7. Specialty Tea and Coffee Shops
8. Artists and musicians
9. Experts

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