• ARMPROD Expo 2020
  • Friday 16 Oct 2020
  • 09:00 AM
  • Armenia, Yerevan, st. A. Akopian 3 - Exhibition Complex “Yerevan EXPO”, Yerevan

LOGOS EXPO Center and Union of Manufacturers & Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia are happy to invite you to participate in the international specialized exhibition. The event is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of Armenia.

ArmProd Expo will focus on Food processing technologies, Agricultural machinery and equipment, Agricultural technologies, Containers and packaging, Seeds and saplings, Bakery and pastry products, Meat products, Poultry, Sausage products, Fish and seafood, Dairy products, Cheese and etc.

The main thematic exhibition fields

Food processing technologies
Agricultural machinery and equipment
Agricultural technologies
Containers and packaging
Seeds and saplings
Bakery and pastry products
Meat products / Poultry / Sausage products
Fish and seafood
Dairy products / Cheese
Grocery / Pasta / Spices
Sunflower and vegetable oils
Snacks / Nuts / Dried fruits
Tea / Coffee / Coffee machines
Vegetables / Fruit / Canned vegetables and fruit
Canned food / Sauces / Ketchup / Salads
Gastronomy / Products for restaurants
Frozen food / Convenience food
Juice / Water / Soft drinks
Alcoholic beverages
Healthy food / Natural and organic products.

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