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12 Sep 2019

G.U.M Market or PAK Shuka: Another Top Touristic Location

If you're visiting Yerevan, you should pass by this market. You get to see a part of real and dynamic Yerevan.

Many blogs, articles and apps gives you a “Don't Miss” list of the top ten Yerevan tourist... but absolutely they missed G.U.M Market or PAK Shuka; Armenia Going highly recommended for all tourists to visit this exceptional market when the displays of fresh and dried fruits at this covered market are pretty as the pictures.

Come hungry as vendors give samples!

Good to know that the market takes its name from the Russian abbreviation for ‘Main Universal Store’, the title given to the main department stores in former Soviet Union cities. The front section of the GUM Market is completely devoted to dried and candied fruits, nuts, spices and sujukh – a candy-dipped nut treat that’s similar to Georgian churchkhela. These make for excellent Armenia souvenirs.

Lavash section: It’s worth visiting the GUM Market just to see the gigantic sheets of Lavash. Apparently it’s possible to observe the whole lavash-making process at GUM, which is recognized by UNESCO as part of Armenia’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. You can see the Armenian ladies spraying the lavash during the process. A little moisture keeps the ultra-thin bread from cracking. Ladies are always ready to explain more about the different types of lavash and how the different textures are achieved.

Fresh area: The back section of the GUM Market is hidden and you can left without seeing it. To get there, take one of two narrow corridors that lead off either side of the central stairway. This area is devoted to fresh produce – Trust that you have never seen vegetables and herbs bundled together so neatly!

Market information: The GUM Market Yerevan is located at 35 Movses Khorenatsi Street, just south of the main centre of town. The closest metro station is Zoravar Andranik. From there, it’s a quick 300m walk.

The GUM Market is open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. We visited early on a Sunday morning and the market was bustling.

If you want to sample fresh Armenian produce or get your hands on some of those delicious candied apricots, take my advice and add the GUM Market to your Yerevan itinerary. It’s also worth noting that GUM has incredible natural light, making it one of the best markets in the region to photograph.

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