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07 Jan 2019

Visiting Armenia in Winter: Top 8 Winter Activities in Armenia

Armenia in winter season is a mix of everything...

The warm-hearted people, the stunning countryside, the unique monasteries in white, Yerevan's nightlife, maybe something else... It's hard to describe but I guess it's the mix of everything.

Armenia, a country that will offer you all four seasons, has special magic in winter. With the non stop event in his capital Yerevan, special winter attractions and modern resort towns you can be sure - you will get any degree of adventurousness you are looking for during your vacation in Armenia.

Here are top 8 experiences to jump head on into if you happen to find yourself in this ancient country in winter.

1- Warm Your Soul with Armenian Wild Thyme Tea

Nothing can be more heartwarming than a good cup of thyme tea on a cold winter evening accompanied by a group of friends and stories. You can have it at almost any coffeeshop in Armenia, since it is a national tea that widely grows in the wild on the Armenian land and has been used extensively for centuries.

2- Vibrant North Avenue

This colorful street offers sale of souvenirs, snacks, arts and crafts and Armenian brand products like wine, brandy and candy lasts for about a month. Every year the pedestrian North Avenue turns into a gala promenade for locals and visitors of Yerevan. With the beautiful decorations and lighting this street turns into a fascinating little town of its own.

3- Ski Touring in Armenia

 This one is for those, who love challenges. If you are ready to take one up, Armenia with its range of altitudes and mountain ranges represents a perfect landscape to get your skis and hit the backcountry. Experienced tour guides, necessary high-quality equipment for rental, as well as the required infrastructure are available and the locations to choose from are vast. You can basically drop a pin anywhere in this mountainous country, but check out our winter tours in Armenia here.

4- Ice skating on Swan Lake

Every year somewhere around the beginning of December the lovely little artificial Swan Lake near the Opera House turns into an ice-skating rink with a big opening ceremony with local celebrity appearances, concerts and performances. Locals love this spot and it is a nice place to get to share a nice space of having fun and a cultural experience with them. The rink is usually open from morning till late evening and all required safety measures are thoroughly followed, so hit it up without hesitation if you love to swirl.

5- Jermuk Snowman Festival and Ropeway

This year the festival will be held in the town of Jermuk for already the sixth time. Usually taking place in mid-February, it attracts locals and visitors of the country, where both experiences snow artists and amateurs can co-create and have fun together participating in contests, games and the festivities around town. Here in Jermuk you can also try the ropeway, which takes you 2,480m high to two skiing roads at 1,450m and 1,550m.

6- Church Viewing Tour in Armenia

It’s unimaginable to be able to see all Armenian churches in one trip, but to see a few, especially in winter, when they are covered in snow against the white landscape spreading to the horizon, fills you up with special charm and calm. When you stand in the endlessness of untouched white snow sparkling under the sun and listen to the church choir or the sermon, you can hear the history of this people. Learn more about our next church viewing tour here.

7- Join the Snowflake Swirls with a Glass of Armenian Mulled wine

 Another way to warm up and up the degree a bit higher is to have a glass of mulled Armenian wine. There are a few specialized wine houses in the capital that offer the widest selection, including mulled, that you can choose from. Arguably best in town is the Wine Republic with great atmosphere, the best crowd and, of course, best local and import wines.

8- Hit the slopes of Tsaghkadzor

And of course, The first thing that you’ll be advised to do when you get here in winter is get your warm clothes and head to Tsakhkadzor, a winter resort town about 60km from Yerevan. Founded as a small settlement in the 3rd century, Tsakhkadzor quickly became a favorite pastime spot for the Armenian royal family due to its breathtaking nature and further expanded into its current size and functionality. Situated at an altitude of 1,750m above sea level, it features a multi-level skiing ropeway running up to 2,819m above sea level, where you can see the entire Armenian landscape covered in snow. It is truly a magical view. Then relax at one of the modern scale hotels, enjoy a nice meal somewhere in a cozy restaurant or explore other sights in the area like famous 11-13 century Kecharis Church complex.