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01 May 2021

Armenia Sets Table for Tourism Sector

Armenia is reopening to major tourists sooner than originally expected.

“We will gradually lift the restrictions at the beginning of summer season and we will continue the recovery period step by step” a tourism blogger told to ArmeniaGoing reps.

The country will reopen to tourists coming from major countries taking very high health measure and precautions.


Armenia is once again ready to welcome tourists, but the pandemic, a recent war in Nagorno-Karabakh and a political crisis are not helping matters, holding back economic recovery. The country's key hospitality sector has been particularly affected; With their strong spirit, public and private sectors are working hardly with very high motivation to secure an extra fast tourism recovery and eventually we are seeing again tourist groups in Yerevan, Gyumri, Dilijan, Jermuk, Sevan even sooner of summer vacations.  


10 Commission recommendations for travelling safely in coronavirus times

  1. Book tickets and check-in online to avoid queues, when possible
  2. Respect social distancing during luggage drop-off, security checks, boarding and baggage claim
  3. Fewer passengers may be allowed on board and you might be asked to sit at a distance from passengers who are not part of your household.
  4. When social distancing is difficult to ensure, you might be asked to wear face masks
  5. Food, beverages and other goods may not be available on board
  6. Transport companies may install protective barriers, for example between passengers and a coach driver. You may be asked to board through the back door
  7. Drivers should open doors automatically at every stop, so passengers don’t have to touch buttons or handles
  8. Stations, ports and airports should guarantee regular cleaning and disinfection and provide sanitising/disinfecting products, including on board
  9. There should be appropriate ventilation on all transport
  10. Passengers can choose between refund or rerouting for cancelled tickets. If the transport company offers a voucher, you still have the right to ask for a refund


As of next week, travelers entering from the major countries will not have to quarantine so long as they have proof they are fully vaccinated or have a negative COVID-19 PCR test result carried out 72 hours prior to arrival. However, tourists will be subject to Armenia’s ongoing lockdown restrictions if persists.

Bringing tourism back is essential to Armenia’s economic bottom line. Many cities and towns in the country nation rely on the money spent by visitors, and the effects of the year-long pandemic have been incredibly harmful to many local businesses.


So, Armenia is readying to again welcome international tourists starting summer 2021.

"This year we will build on our sloid experience to offer safe holidays. We look forward to welcoming our guests and we will make sure that they have a real chance to relax and recover from the stress of this past year," says the blogger to Armenia Going reps.